Become a distributor



Thank you for showing an interest in becoming our Royal Distributor. We welcome you to join our team as we expand.

As a CB distributor, you can get as much as 50% return on investment depending on your order quantity.

There are limited spots available within certain regions as we do not want to have more than one distributor in a city.

We will assist you by referring our clients living within your region to you. We however will love to work with only industrious people who will put in extra marketing effort in order to make more sales from their ends.

We will supply you with our branded packaging materials to help your sales process.

In addition to this, our customer care team will be made available to you to answer any questions that you might have concerning our skincare products, prices and recommendations.

Please fill the answers to help us know you better but kindly read the terms and conditions of being a CB Royal Distributor before you proceed.

Terms and Conditions.

1. The Minimum Order Amount a distributor can start with is N1,000,000.

2. It is prohibited to recommend, sell, advise, or offer other skincare products from other brands to CB Royals (our customers). You shall only sell Clarinda Blonde Luxury Skincare Products to our clients referred to you.

3. It is prohibited to sell products with a broken seal to customers. If found, your partnership with us will be dissolved.

4. You are required to learn, observe and apply the rudiments of exceptional customer care services when handling CB Royals.

5. It is prohibited to be rude to a customer no matter the circumstances. All customers are like gold to us, we treasure them and we won’t like it if you represent the CB brand poorly.

6. It is important you have adequate knowledge about the kind of skincare products you sell, their functions and how they work. Please refer to us for assistance when needed.

7. Regardless of your chosen package, you are permitted to select the products that you want. We can however guide you on our best sellers.

7. All shipping expenses will be covered by the distributor. Clarinda Blonde will use the most affordable and reliable shipping services in order to avoid excess shipping cost.

8. Finally we will love to partner with serious entrepreneurs, yes we will direct our customers to you but you also make more money when you put in the extra marketing effort within and beyond your vicinity.

9. Clarinda Blonde reserves the right to reject any distributor’s application due to any reason whatsoever.

By submitting this agreement, you have accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. Clarinda Blonde reserve full rights to seek legal redress for any acts or omission that may cause losses, damages or reputational injury to the company.

Clarinda Blonde also reserves the right to cancel any distributor’s subscription if terms and conditions are breached.

Kindly fill in your details and select the package you will be going for.

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