Rebrand our products


Honestly, I think you are in luck finding us here because that means you won’t have to go through the same kind of stress we went through at the beginning stage of our skin care business.

We can help make your journey a seamless one for you with our tried and tested, EFFECTIVE and SAFE skincare products.

Imagine not having your heart pounding fast each time a returning customer says “hello”, thinking she is about to complain about your products again. 😂

Imagine getting multiple reviews from your customers who can’t help but fall in love with their skin, at long last. 😍

This can only be achieved when you partner with a skincare brand with skincare products that actually WORK!

Working with Clarinda Blonde Luxury Skincare means that your customers testimonial rating will go higher and this in turn will boost your brand’s growth within a few months.

We do offer two rebrand packages;

1. We sell our products in liters of buckets or kegs which you can in turn transfer into your own bottles, label and sell as your own brand.

2. We sell our products in the same packaging containers in which we sell to our end users. However, the cost of containers will be born by the wholesaler.

Regardless of the option that you choose, you will be getting the SAME QUALITY of products that we sell to our end users.

Please note: The Minimum Start Up Order Amount is N500,000 worth of skincare products or ($500).

To view our rebrand price list and begin your journey with us, kindly fill this form.

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