How to Care and Style Your Hair

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HOW TO CUT YOUR WIG. HOW TO WEAR A PONYTAIL WIG HOW TO STYLE YOUR WIG WAVY WIGS Although these wigs are heat safe (up to 360°F), it might not be necessary to use a curly iron in order to get a bounce. All you need is a medium sized brush and apply the brush […]

How To Get Rid of Dark Knuckles Fast and Permanently

Having dark patches on the knuckles can take a toll on your confidence as many desire to have even skin tone. Dark knuckles are characterized by the appearance of dark patches on skin on the fingers and hand than the surrounding skin making them stand out from the overall appearance of your hands. While this […]

7 Best Healthy Skin Whitening Products In Nigeria

In Nigeria and many other parts of the world, the desire to achieve lighter & glowing skin has led to booming markets for several skin lightening products. Skin whitening creams, skin lightening creams & other skin-lightening cosmetic products are sought after by many skincare enthusiasts. However, choosing the right one for your specific needs can […]

Best Luxury Skincare Brands In Nigeria In 2024

The Nigerian skincare industry is a fast-growing industry with many innovative skincare brands that are worth your attention. The pursuit of radiant and healthy skin has become a luxury affair among many Nigerian women. As we step into 2024, more skincare brands will continue to emerge. This is why we have taken our time to […]

How I Got Rid Of My Acne Sunburns And Dark Knuckles In No Time

GET RID OF ACNE, SUNBURN AND DARK KNUCKLES FAST!!! Growing up I had always had a smooth face free of acne. My face was always so clear that when people called me “fine girl with no pimples”, it was truly deserving. When my peers began to breakout due to hormonal changes as they passed through […]