How I Got Rid Of My Acne Sunburns And Dark Knuckles In No Time


How I Got Rid Of My Acne Sunburns And Dark Knuckles In No Time

Growing up I had always had a smooth face free of acne. My face was always so clear that when people called me “fine girl with no pimples”, it was truly deserving. When my peers began to breakout due to hormonal changes as they passed through puberty, I managed to keep a clear free skin and this was until recently when the nightmare began. 

I guess I went through puberty really late because all of a sudden, I had one pimple and then another and then another and they just kept reappearing until my face became quite appalling.  I started shying away from public gatherings as my self confidence drastically reduced. I just didn’t want people staring at me, asking me what happened to my face. This problem warranted an immediate solution so I took to research. I did a lot of research but all I could find online were homemade ways of getting rid of pimples which I tried but nothing worked.

I also invested in a lot on off the counter skin care products that claimed to get rid of acne within a week or less but those didn’t work either. I tried all sorts of “organic products” from various skin care therapists online but it rather made everything worse. Just as I was about to give up hope on ever having a smooth, clear free skin again, a friend introduced me to Clarinda Blonde Luxury Skincare products. I found their Instagram page @clarindablondeskincare and I sent them a direct message. The consultant replied me and carefully explained to me that most severe acne issues can’t be attacked by using a cream alone, the patient has to adapt to a healthy skincare lifestyle using a combination of acne inhibiting and treating products. To cut the long story short, after an online consultation, she sent me the Acne Face Cream, Moroccan Face Soap, Face Toner and Face Detox Mud Mask. 

The combination of these products helped to dry up acne fast while killing acne causing bacteria. In addition, the Face Detox Mud Mask reduces wrinkles, fight and prevent acne episodes, give a soft and glowing face after use. The Face Toner also helps to unclog pores, close up pores, reduces sunburn marks and gives the face a natural even glow and the Moroccan soap is also a very powerful organic soap which fights acne, clears rashes, eczema and other skin related issues. 

I started using the products just as I was instructed and even though she told me I will start seeing results within 3 weeks, I started seeing changes on my face from the third day of usage. The severe acne that had plagiarised me for years and reduced my self esteem began to dry off and my face was restored to how it once was. I am really glad I found out about Clarinda Blonde Luxury Skincare. My confidence has been restored and boosted and I can now go out without makeup. Thank you Clarinda Blonde Luxury Skincare for the Acne Face Kit and Moroccan Soap.

Here are my pictures as proof to show you just how bad my acne was. If it cured mine, I am sure it will cure yours too.

After Using Clarinda Blonde Acne Set

I realise that a lot of people are going through this same problem and there is no where else to turn to, hence the reason for this post. You too can have a clear skin. The Acne kit is sold for N28,500,

Acne Face Cream N10,000 

Whitening Moroccan Soap (350ml) N7,500 

Face Detox Mud Mask N5,000 

Face Toner N6,000 

Total: N28,500

The price for all four products is N28,500 but if they are having a one time and one time only promo so if you purchase the Acne kit within 3 days of seeing this editorial, you will only have to pay N23,000 and not N28,500, that’s a whopping N5,500 naira slash!

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Here are some amazing reviews from other people who also used these products..

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