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Asian whitening set contains a combination of eight natural yet effective skincare products that work to enhance skin tone, improve skin texture and complexion, and fade out skin discoloration while giving you a radiant milky yellow skin tone.

This set can considerably lighten the skin by 2–3 shades. Noticeable results can be seen after 2–6 weeks of usage.

The Asian Whitening Set includes:

🔘Asian Whitening Cream
🔘Glutathione Snow White Soap (450ml)
🔘Whitening Day Face Cream
🔘Whitening Night Face Cream
🔘Korean Whitening Body Scrub
🔘Super Glow Oil (150ml)
🔘White D’Luxe Soap (spot fader)
🔘Half-caste Toner

These products are safe and can be used by anyone from age 18-99 years.

They don’t give any of the side effects experienced with other products, such as;

No dark knuckles
No Stretch Marks
No Green veins

They help you achieve the best radiant and glowing skin ever. ☺️



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