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This set consist of the Happy Baby lotion, the Happy Baby Bath and the Happy Baby Oil. 


Happy baby lotion is a mild and gently baby lotion specially made for a baby’s delicate skin. It has a double moisturizing effect and it contains natural ingredients such as milk protein which makes the baby skin glow even more radiant and fairer. This lotion prevents your baby from getting darker. This product can be used by kids aged 1 month – 12 years.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Milk protein, Frankincense oil, Chamomile oil, Allantoin, Stearic, Fruit butters and fragrance.

HAPPY BABY BATH: Gives babies and kids a blissful bath time with its special and effective Anti Rash formula. This baby bath is designed not just to make sure the baby’s skin stays soft and smooth but also to treat and prevent rashes or any other irritation on the baby’s skin. It is very mild and made with organic herbs and oils.

The CB Happy Baby Bath can also be used on baby’s hair as it contains natural oils and extracts that helps to properly cleanse and strengthen baby’s hair. 


Apply a generous amount of CB Happy Baby Bath on a soft sponge and gently wash baby’s skin and hair. Wash off, pat dry and then apply the CB Happy Baby Lotion and CB Happy Baby Oil. 


Aqua, Coco Pods Ash, Shea Extracts, Honey, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, Rice milk, Vit C, Aloe Extracts, Germall Plus, Fragrance. 


HAPPY BABY OIL: This is a sweet smelling moisturising oil just perfect for your baby’s skin. Apart from its rich hydrating properties, the Happy Baby Oil contains a lot of anti-oxidants that protects your baby’s skin while giving it a beautiful glow.

Active Ingredients 
Chamomile, Aloe extract, Coconut oil, Sweet fragrance. 


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