Dark Hands and Feet Solution

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This is a whitening moisturizing lotion made for people with dark hands and feet. It is recommended for people with stubborn and uneven skin. A situation where the entire body is lighter than the hands and legs. It can be caused by excessive sun exposure or by the use of bad bleaching creams. 

Do not use this product as a body lotion, it should be applied only on the hands and/or feet. Exfoliation should be done three times a week to enable this product to work better.

After scrubbing your skin with a body scrub, wash off and then apply the Dark Hands and Feet Solution on the affected areas. Repeat two to four times a day for best results.
Glycerine, Fatty acid, Hyaluronic acid, Sweet Almond oil, Sorbitol, Vit E,  Natural preservative, Fragrance.



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