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The Duchess White Set is a superior whitening set and the most effective whitening set there is. It is a luxurious product made for the top class, the 1% of the 1%.
The products in this set have been formulated to extremely whiten the skin, soften the skin, even out hyper-pigmentation and give an healthy looking, beautiful, clear and radiantly white skin. Its anti-aging properties ensures your skin stays healthy, well nourished, moisturized and youthful.
It gives a Caucasian white undertone and it can be used by all skin type.
Regardless of how effective it is, this cream does not give dark knuckles, no stretch marks, no green veins and no skin issues, just a flawless, white skin.
Results can be seen from 4 -8 weeks of continuous usage.
The Duchess White Box contains the following products;
  1. Duchess White Body Milk (500ml)
  2. Duchess White Oil
  3. Duchess Face Milk (Day)
  4. Duchess Face Milk (Night)
  5. Skin Revive Moisturizer
  6. Power White Soap (1kg)
  7. Glow Revenge Scrub (500ml)
  8. Half-Caste Toner
  9. Luxury Face Scrub
  10. Hyper Glow Foamy Face Wash.
  11. Skin Perfection Liqueur


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