Mini Acne be Gone Set.

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The combination of these products help to fight acne, eradicate spots and prevent acne from reoccuring. The mini acne face set contains; 

Mini Acne Face Cream 
Acne & Spots Toner
Mini Whitening Moroccan Soap (120ml)


Was your face using the Moroccan soap. Leave this soap on your face for about 1 minute, no longer than your face can take it, then wash off.

After washing off the Morrocan Soap, apply the Acne and Spots Toner on a cotton pad and use that to clean your face. This toner will take care of the excess dirts left on your face, dirts even a soap can’t remove. 

Apply the acne face cream and repeat the whole process twice a day until acne clears. 

Use the face mask only three times a week.




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